About us

The Beginning of Our Story
Mipolán Ltd.

Our company, Mipolán Ltd., was founded in 1990 under the initiative of Zoltán Cselédes, who initiated his business with the production of electrical insulation and garden hoses. Over the years, by incorporating several other companies, in 2023, ST Plastics sro was established. Through innovative and technically high-quality products, the company became well-known in Hungary, Slovakia, and neighboring countries such as Croatia, the Czech Republic, Romania, and Poland. In 2024, we achieved successes in Western European markets as well. We acquired our first French, Dutch, and German partners.

Core Values and Objectives
ST Plastics

Since its establishment, Mipolán has been striving for innovation and seeking unique solutions, aiming to continuously provide value and benefits to its business partners through improved quality, competitive prices, and creative approaches. As ST Plastics sro, we are committed to preserving and continuing the previous values.

Our Professional Strengths
Innovative Leadership

Through our outstanding innovations and reliability, ST Plastics secures long-term competitive advantages. Combining our expertise in the automotive industry, electronics, electrical engineering, construction, plastics industry, food industry, and medical electronics, we offer comprehensive solutions and services, strengthening our market-leading position in Hungary. Our company is an independent and trustworthy partner.

Our Vision

ST Plastics, a company operating throughout Europe, which started as a family business and now holds its ground in international waters, is committed to diversifying its business activities and expanding across countries. This strategy ensures our stability and contributes to increasing our economic success.